When to Mediate

When internal attempts have failed to resolve, WorkSafe stress claim have arisen, bullying and harassment claims have been made, it costing too much time/energy of Human Resources or management team, you are suffering from negative psychological impacts...
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When to Mediate

whentomediate.jpgYou should consider using mediation when:

  • Internal attempts to resolve the conflict or dispute have been unsuccessful.
  • Other staff are being drawn into the dispute.
  • WorkSafe stress claim has arisen from a workplace conflict that remains unresolved.
  • Bullying and harassment claims have been made.
  • Workplace conflict is costing the time and energy of Human Resources or management.
  • The conflict or dispute is having a negative psychological impact on you and it’s in your interest to address the matter because there is an ongoing interaction or relationship with the other party (e.g. he/she is a work colleague, manager, family member, coach, business partner, separated partner and you both have children to this relationship, teacher/student/parent, etc).


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